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Office Chair Parts / Office Chair Hardware

Replacement office chair hardware for all types of office chairs

Chair Parts-Back Upright with hinge
Back Upright / w auto hinge
2.75" wide 1/4" thick steel necked down to 2.25" where it inserts into the control
15" tall with 6.5" of length on the horizontal section
Ratchet mechanism allows for approximately 3" of vertical back adjustment
Price: $58.95
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Chair Parts-Back Upright
Back Upright
Width: 2.25"
Thickness: 2.25"
Adjustment: 3" horizontal slot
Hole Pattern: 1" w x 1.5" tall countersunk (100mm each)
Price: $29.95
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Chair Parts-J Back
Universal J-Back
2.25" wide 1/4" thick spring steel
Allows for 3" of horizontal adjustment and 3" of vertical adjustment

Price: $34.95
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Chair Parts-Spring Loaded Hinge
Hinge Bracket for chairs
Spring Loaded
Connects the J-Back to the Chair Back
Price: $9.99
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Chair Parts-Hinge Bracket
Hinge Bracket for chairs
Can be welded to back upright
Zinc plated inner piece
Unfinished outer piece
Includes inside spring
Price: $9.99
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Chair Parts-Arm Pad Slider
Arm Pad Slider
60mm (2.36") stroke
3.98" mounting hole pattern
8.93" fully extended length
Price: $21.95
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Chair Parts-Bushing
Seat Bushing
Convert 50mm bases to accept 45mm gas cylinders
Black Plastic
Price: $19.95
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Chair Parts-Plastci Handle
Plastic Chair Handle
50mm long
17mm wide
Accepts 8mm lever
Black plastic
Price: $5.95
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Chair Parts- Plastci Handle
Plastic Chair Handle
4-1/8" long
2-1/16" wide
Accepts 5/16" lever
Black plastic
Price: $5.95
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