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Haworth Panel Top Cap
Haworth Panel Top Cap
NOTE: Unpainted
Part # Size Price ea Qty
WHWP-TC-12 12W $40.00
WHWP-TC-24 24W 42.00
WHWP-TC-30 30W 44.00
WHWP-TC-36 36W 44.00
WHWP-TC-42 42W 48.00
WHWP-TC-48 48W 48.00
WHWP-TC-60 60W 54.00
Haworth Top Cap Clip
Haworth Top Cap Clip
Used to secure top cap to panel. Spring Steel. OEM compatible.
Part # Price Qty
HWPOO6.0200 $3.25 ea
Haworth Panel Side Rail
Haworth Panel Side Rail
Extruded aluminum. Slotted to accept hanging components. NOTE: unpainted
Part # Size Price Qty
HWPOO8.33 12W $40.00
HWPOO8.41 24W 42.00
HWPOO8.30 30W 44.00
HWPOO8.46 46W 46.00
HWPOO8.54 54W 48.00
HWPOO8.64 64W 50.00
HWPOO8.78 78W 52.00
Haworth Wall Mount
Haworth Wall Mount Strip
Extruded aluminum use to start or anchor panel to solid wall. OEM compatible. NOTE: unpainted.
Part # Size Price Qty
HWPO35.42 42H $44.00
HWPO35.48 48H   46.00
HWPO35.62 62H   48.00
HWPO35.66 66H   50.00
HWPO35.80 80H   54.00
Panel Side Rail Locking Clip
Panel Glide
Spring steel used to lock side rail top panel. OEM compatible..
Part# Price Qty
HWP05201 $3.25
Panel Glide Housing
Haworth Panel Glide Housing
Stamped steel glide housing. Works with 2 or 3 slotted HW product. Note: For unpainted Glide Housing add suffix AL See Color Chart
Part# Price Qty
HWPO42.02 $6.00
Panel Hinge
Haworth Panel Hinge
Extruded living hinge. Designed to be compatible with OEM panel products. Hinge is available in all Standard Colors. see below
Part# Size
Price Qty/Finish
HWPO54.02 21.5" H $3.95

Haworth Non-Powered Strip
Extruded Aluminum- satin finish. Used to attach raceway base covers to bottom of HW panels or to non-powered OEM panels. For attachment panels, use NP Strip screws, sold separtely; for OEM panels, use OEM turn-lock fasteners. Non-powered strip is OEM compatible. Please email us current pricing and availabilty
Part # Size
HWP370.12 12W
HWP370.18 18W
HWP370.24 24W
HWP370.30 30W
HWP370.36 36W
HWP370.42 42W
HWP370.48 48W
HWP370.60 60W
UNP858.O1Z1 NP Strip Screw
Haworth Base Cover
Haworth 4" Powered Base Covers, OEM
Powered raceway covers have (2) duplex. openings except the 24" which has one (1) opening. OEM powered raceway covers have (2) openings per side to accommodate OEM power blocks. NOTE: Order outlet cover clips separately for OEM powered raceway covers. See Color Chart Please email us current pricing and availabilty.
Part # Size
HWP420.24 24W
HWP420.30 30W
HWP420.36 36W
HWP420.42 42W
HWP42048 48W
HWP420.60 60W
HWP350.01 Electrical Outlet Cover Clip

Haworth 4" Powered Base Covers, OEM
Use with HW non-powered strip to attach to panel. See Color Chart Please email us current pricing and availabilty
Part # Size
HWP410.12 12W
HWP410.24 24W
HWP410.30 30W
HWP410.36 36W
HWP410.42 42W
HWP410.48 48W
HWP410.60 60W

Haworth Wire Management Connector
Painted steel 2W 90° & 3W covers to hide distribution cable at base of panel connections. See Color Chart
Part #   Price Qty/Finish
HWP441.02 2 Way 90 ° $30.00
HWP441.03 3 Way 45.00
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