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Quantum® Double Sided Bins


Quantum® Double Sided Bins

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This double open sided bin provides front and back access to stored parts. These heavy-duty, polypropylene storage bins provide an open hopper front and back, allowing double access to stored parts. Bins stack one on top of the other, both vertically and cross wise and nest when empty for space efficiency. Optional dividers may be used front to back, side to side or both at the same time, dividing the bin into four sections. A molded in label holder on both the front and back of the bin allow for easy parts identification. Bins can be used on standard metal or wire shelving as well as on desks or bench tops. Available in Black only

Model Number Bin Size L x W x H
QP965BR 9-1/2″x6-5/8″x5″
QP1265BR 12-1/2″x6-5/8″x5″
QP1285BR 12-1/2″x8-3/8″x5″
QP1496BR 14″x9-1/4″x6-1/2″
QP1867BR 18-1/2″x6-5/8″x7″
QP1887BR 18-1/2″x8-3/8″x7″
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