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Metro Shelving

Headquartered in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania since 1929, Metro’s mission has been to make the world more efficient and organized. With their global manufacturing and distribution footprint, Metro® offers more than 30,000 different products that are available worldwide. 

While being the industry standard in wire shelving, Metro® has also expanded into the highest quality storage cabinets, heated cabinets, medical and special application carts, advanced polymer shelving, high density shelving, stainless steel fabricated products and much more.

What sets Metro® apart from others are the features they build into their product. Whether its energy efficient insulation, corrosion resistance, maneuverability, modularity, durability or ergonomics, Metro® puts their customer service commitment first. 

Managed by our New York offices, Metro® Shelving provides industry leading expertise for optimizing space, workflow and productivity for the food service industry to healthcare to your home.

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Super Erecta® Shelving System

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The original wire storage system since 1965, the Super Erecta® is recognized as the most popular commercial shelving system. With close to 100 different accessories, the Super Erecta® can meet the diverse challenges of today’s world.

The wire shelving is adjustable in height in 1″ increments along the length of the numbered posts and is able to hold up to 800lbs per shelf. The uniquely designed open-wire design helps minimize dust collection, allows a greater visibility of stored items and freely allows the circulation of air around products. 

From the traditional chrome plating to epoxy and designer finishes to stainless steel, every option for your shelving needs have been considered. Need to be able to move your shelves? Metro offers five different caster types, depending on your needs. And in the event you don’t want your shelving to move, Metro has a number of options from foot plates to wall clamps. 

The options are endless when it comes to customizing your Metro Super Erecta® Shelving.


myCart® Utility Carts

The myCart® series of utility carts from Metro have been designed with customer needs in mind. From the foodservice industry to healthcare to grocery, the myCart® series are durable, cleanable and user friendly.

The corrosion proof, impact resistant shelves are designed to withstand the daily abuse you put your cart through. The sturdy cart construction allows a total capacity of either 300lb, 400lb or 500lb, depending on which model you prefer.

NSF listed, the smooth surfaces easily wipe away clean and will not stain. Perfect for the medical field, specific models are available with our Mircoban® Antimicrobial product protection. 

With a larger than standard handle, customers gain up to 50% more legroom and are less likely to hit their feet and shins on the shelves. With the larger handle and four swivel casters, maneuvering the cart is a breeze. And the large covered utility tray easily organizes small items.

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Cannabis Drying Rack

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Metro’s Cannabis Drying rack is the industry’s premier drying solution. Depending on your needs, it can be used as either a hang drying rack or tray drying unit. Made out of 304 Stainless Steel, this rack is both extremely stable and easily cleanable. The Stainless Steel construction will ensure the longevity of the rack while also preparing you for the lessening regulations in the cannabis industry.

The cannabis racks are fully convertible from tray drying with removable intermediate tiers to hang drying. When used with Metro’s Top-rack or Bottom-rack high density systems, you can maximize you’re drying rooms space.

The unmatched versatility in density and variable height, Metro has the drying process perfected. 

APPEAL® Display Shelving

By creating your own curve APPEAL®, you can have the perfect end cap or your own Store-Within-a-Store. The attractive, curved front of the shelving unit increases storage by 12% versus a traditional rectangular shelf. The APPEAL® shelving system is compatible with Metro’s Super Erecta®, qwikSLOT and Drop Mat Display shelving systems.

Shelving is available in the traditional chrome plated-finish or a black-epoxy coating. The open wire design promotes light penetration and enhanced visibility of the displayed items. 

Available in two sizes: 18″ x 36″ and 18″ x 48″


MetroMax® Shelving

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Whether it be the MetroMax® Q, 4 or i series shelf, you will be getting your forever shelving. The MetroMax® is stronger, cleaner and superior in any environment and depending on which series is chosen, will be either rust resistant or 100% rust-proof.

The MetroMax® Q series comes with a 15 year corrosion warranty and holds up to 800lbs per shelf. In total the unit can hold up to 2000lbs. Available in multiple widths and lengths, the Q series is easy to clean with its removable mats.

MetroMax® 4 series is made of an all-polymer construction, is 100% rust-proof and comes with a lifetime corrosion warranty. Each shelf can hold up to 600lbs and 2000lbs overall. 

When it comes to the MetroMax® i series, you’re getting the best. The strongest, most versatile, 100% corrosion proof shelving system in the world. With the a lifetime corrosion warranty, the i series can hold up to 800lbs per shelf and 2000lbs overall.

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