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The history of Herman Miller® actually began back in 1909 when Herman Miller’s son-in-law D.J. De Pree was working for the Michigan Star Furniture Company. In 1923, Miller helped De Pree purchase the company, which he renamed to honor the integrity of Herman Miller.

Up until 1930, Herman Miller® only produced traditional, wooden furniture. Only when the Great Depression hit did they branch out. With the hiring of modernist designer Gilbert Rohde, the company started a new chapter on what would become their signature. 

In 1941, Herman Miller® started expanding by opening showrooms in Chicago and New York. A year later, they entered into the office furniture market with the introduction of the Modular Executive Office.

By the time the middle of the 20th century came along, Herman Miller® had become synonymous with the term “modern” furniture. The company would become known for its classic, industrial designs, thanks to designers such as George Nelson and Charles and Ray Eames.

It was in 1961 that Herman Miller® established the Herman Miller Research Division in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It was here that the Action Office line was developed. From this, the revolutionary Office Cubicle was introduced.  

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Mirra® 2 Office Chair

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Developed by Studio 7.5 for Herman Miller®, the Mirra® 2 Office Chair brings a sophisticated profile and visual lightness to your office. The seat pans and backs instantly adapt to your body when you sit down. 

The “ultra-responsive Butterfly Back™ is a dynamic hybrid structure that acts like a suspension membrane. The TriFlex™ back meets more rigorous cleaning protocols because there is no fabric layer. Both back options are ventilated to keep you cool, and both offer passive PostureFit® sacral support to keep your spine properly aligned as you sit.”

Problem Solver is here to help you with your replacement Mirra® parts. From large items such as seat pans and back rests to small items like casters and glides, Problem Solver has you covered. All replacement items are certified, genuine Herman Miller® parts. 

Aeron® Office Chair

When designers Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick wanted to create an environmentally sensitive and health-positive chair, they came up with the Aeron® Office Chair. Stumpf and Chadwick moved away from the traditional usage of foam, leather and fabric. 

The PostureFit SL Adjustable support system helps the sacrum and lumbar region of the spine to echo a healthful standing position and promotes the posture that keeps you strong while you sit.

The 8Z Pellicle suspension material allows air, water vapor and body heat to pass through the chair to help maintain even and comfortable skin temperature.

Not only does Problem Solver offer complete Aeron® Office Chairs, but we also offer all your replacement parts for Aeron® chairs. From the smallest bearing to the largest seat back, we have you covered.

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Caper® Office Chair

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Designed by Jeff Weber, the Caper® chair offers users a comfortable, affordable and portable seating option. 

The Caper’s nylon seat and back are constructed for comfort, flexible for give, and colorful enough to liven up any room. The holes in the material allow your body to breathe, reducing moisture and dissipating heat so you remain cool and comfortable.

The optional FLEXNET ™ seat uses advanced suspension materials to minimize the pressure on your body, which will keep you
comfortable longer.

As our newest replacement part option, we offer the Caper® Seat seat in a wide range of colors, depending on your need. 

Action Office®

The future of office design was achieved with the introduction of the Action Office® System. This system has lasted for more over half a century and will continue to for the foreseeable future. 

With the continued use of the Action Office® System, there will always be a need to replacement parts. Problem Solver has been providing these replacement parts for over 20 years. 

From panels and grommets to end caps and conversion kits, Problem Solver has your needs covered.

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Expanding on the Action Office® System, Herman Miller® introduced the Ethospace® System. Designed to give organizations durability and flexibility, the Ethospace® System has been expanded over the years.

With expansion comes the need to older and replacement parts. That is where Problem Solver comes in. From electrical bridges, to panels, tiles and more, your replacement needs can be met by us. 

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