40/4 designed by David Rowland

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The 40/4 chair is one of the most successful contract chairs ever produce and was the first completely stackable chair ever invented.  The 40/4 was developed by American industrial designer David Rowland with practicality as the prime consideration.  He developed the chair over an eight year period and in 1963 was awarded a patent for his innovative design.

Determined to ensure that his chair would be as light and as easily stackable as possible, Rowland strove to reduce the structure to it’s barest elements. He succeeded in developing a comfortable chair for use in offices, conference rooms, auditoriums, and other large public spaces. Forty chairs can be stacked within a height of 4 feet (120 cm) giving the chair its iconic name. The frame of the chair is made of 7/16” solid steel rod and the seating surfaces are made from materials such as metal, polyamide, wood veneer, or upholstered in fabric or leather.

The 40/4 chair has been in continuous production since its introduction and has sold over 8 million units.  The design has received numerous awards including the Grand Prize at the 13th Triennale in Milan, Italy, 1964 when the chair was originally introduced.  

Problem Solver has proudly offered the 40/4 to our clients for over 25 years.

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Side Chairs

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The iconic 40/4 Side Chair is available in a variety of materials, from the traditional plastic resin, to a wood veneer, to metal or even upholstery. The sled frames are made from 011mm solid steel rods that are available in a chrome, black, alu grey or Howe’s grey powder coating.

Whether it be used for a place of worship, training or school, the Side Chair will provide solutions for mass seating. The linking system is a key part of the frame and make a solid three-point connection. Two integral frame joints and an interior locking joint provide the strong and efficient linking that your mass seating needs.

By browsing our wide range of Side Chair options, you will see how we are able to provide for all of your seating needs. 

Arm Chairs

Building off of the solid frame of the Side Chair, Howe has produced the 40/4 Arm Chair. Available in wood veneer, polyamide and with upholstery, this chair has arm rests at just the right height. The sled base is made from the traditional 011mm steel rods, while 013mm steel rods are used for the rear legs and arms. You also have the options of having them in a chrome finish or powder-coated.

While there are the options for the finishes, the true customization comes with the arm rests. The arms are available with the polyamide, wood veneer, or upholstered finishes. They can be matched to the back and seat of the chair, or can have a completely different finish. Want a maple veneer with an upholstered arm rest? It can be done.

Hundreds of combinations are at your disposal.

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The variation on the original 40/4 chair continues with Howe’s 40/4 Barstool.

Available in the standard 775mm (30 1/2 inch) height, the barstool also comes in a 630mm (24 1/4 inch) counter height. These stools are made from the larger 014mm steel rod for added strength. With a narrower seat and back and the seating position more leaned back, this stool provides optimal comfort.

Lounge Chairs

For a more relaxed and laid back experience, Howe offers their 40/4 Lounge Chair.

Constructed from the thinner and lighter 011mm steel rod, the lounge chair is wider (21in wide), has a more reclined backing and a lower seating position. Choose from either the traditional chrome finish or a powder-coated finish for your frame.

Combined with either the veneer or upholstered seat finish, your 40/4 Lounge chair will make sitting tasks more relaxing and comfortable.

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Swivel Chairs

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For those office needs, the 40/4 Swivel Chair is the best option and  are available in both the traditional side and armchair variations. The adjustable height on casters is from 460mm to 585mm (18in-23in). The glide option allows height adjustment from 425mm to 545mm (16 1/4in-21 1/2in).

Seat pan, backing and optional arm rests are all available in either veneer, polyamide or an upholstered finish. Theses options allow for a truly unique chair to fit your needs.

Regardless of what options you choose, all swivel chairs have a solid steel frame and an aluminum  die cast spindle. 

Outdoor Chairs

If your chair usage requires you to go beyond the walls of your office, look no further than the 40/4 Outdoor Chair.

With an e-coat treated frame and a powdercoated top, the 40/4 Side Chair, Arm Chair or barstool will be ready for the outdoors. The seats and backs are injected moulded PA6.


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