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Wood Touch Up Kits

SoftWax is a great way to fill in holes in finished woodwork! The refillable kit comes with 20 blendable colors, a Wax Wedge and a buffing pad. The hard-shell case keeps the wax where you want it, when you want it. Replace your old wax sticks with the Soft Wax Filler System!
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Wax Kit 49.95
Refill Stick 4.25
Guardsman Touch-Up Kit contains the same special formulation of dyes which is used by furniture manufacturers and dealers in their factories and showrooms for quick permanent touch-up. Colors blend with most fine furniture finishes. Single Kit-3 colored pens-light, medium and dark to match most furniture finishes. Hides nicks, mars, scratches and worn edges. Tough, colorfast & long-lasting colors, dries in seconds!
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Touch-Up Kit
(contains 3 pens)
5 Touch-Up Markers: - Natural - Light Oak - Dark Oak - Cherry - Walnut
3 Filler Sticks for wood finishes in: - Light - Medium - DarkFill in stains to restore beauty to furniture quickly and easily. Use Touch-Up markers to conceal minor, worn edges, blemishes and imperfections.
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Wood Touch-Up Kit