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Super Adjustable 2™Super Erecta Stem Caster Carts

Consists of four Super Adjustable 2™ Super Erecta wire shelves 5" (127 mm).
Resilient rubber or polyurethane casters with donut bumpers.
Super Adjustable 2™ Super Erecta shelves allow for quick and easy adjustability.
Open-wire shelf design minimizes dust and increases air circulation and visibility.
Strong and versatile.
For additional storage levels, Super Adjustable shelves may be added as desired. Please inquire for a Quote -
Shelf Width/Length Two Swivel Two Brake Resilient Rubber Casters Two Swivel Two Brake Polyurethane Casters
18 x 36 A336BC A336EC
18 x 48 A356BC A356EC
18 x 60 A366BC A366EC
21 x 36 A436BC A436EC
21 x 48 A456BC A456EC
21 x 60 A466BC A466EC
24 x 36 A536BC A536EC
24 x 48 A556BC A556EC
24 x 60 A566BC A566EC